Ventura Limoncello Food and Dessert Recipes

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Erika's Ventura Limoncello Cake Ventura Limoncello Wonton


Ventura Limoncello Scallops Ventura Limoncello Flank Steak Ventura Limoncello Sorbet



Ventura Limoncello Tiramisu: Ventura Limoncello Recipe


Ventura Limoncello Zabaione: Ventura Limoncello Recipe


Manuela’s pan di Spagna (Italian sponge cake): Ventura Limoncello Recipe


Ginger Lemon Cream Wontons: Courtesy of Epiphany Restaurant, Santa Barbara


Limoncello Mussels: Created by Chef Andy Brooks


Limoncello Adult Popsicles: Courtesy of Pictures and Pancakes


Ventura Limoncello Lemon Cake: Courtesy of Mupu Grill, Santa Paula


Sweet Manuela Crepes: Courtesy of Spasso Cucina Italiana, Ventura


Wendy’s Award Winning Ventura Limoncello Bread: Courtesy of Wendy T, Ventura


Erika’s Limoncello Cake: Courtesy of Erika Kerekes


Scallops with Ventura Limoncello Dressing: Courtesy of AJ Zelman


Erika’s Spaghetti: Courtesy of Erika Kerekes


Flank Steak with Vegetables: Courtesy of Ed Irizarry


Ventura Limoncello Sorbet: Courtesy of Norm Walters


Layered Lemon and Black Tea Pudding: Created by Melanie Widmann


Seared Scallops with Limoncello Picatta Sauce: Created by Top Chef Fabio Viviani and John Palone: Watch the Video


Limoncello Fish Saute: Courtesy of The Local Dish


Baked Citrus Les Freres: Created by Lauren DeSantis


Herb roasted pork loin with grilled peaches: Created by Chef Jason Collis

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