Limoncello Cran Fizz Recipe – The Evening Cocktail

Limoncello Cran Fizz recipe is a tart, yet sweet awesome new spirit which will make any occasion a bit sweeter- you’ll definitely fall in love with it.

Origins of Cranberries

Cranberries are endemic to North America. Although cranberries are often associated with Christmas, this fruit also makes a great snack and ingredient for various recipes. Cranberries are often used to make sauces and jellies, but they are also good for savory dishes.

Benefits of Cranberries

Consuming cranberries aid in urinary tract infection and gum protection. Cranberries are the best source of antioxidants which help prevent stroke and cardiovascular diseases. The fruit is also a great source of fiber, manganese, vitamin C and vitamin E. Dried cranberries also contain the same nutritional value.

Food Recipes

Cranberries are not just for desserts but for savory dishes as well. Apple crisp, ambrosia and nut bars are some delicious cranberry desserts. Examples of savory dishes with cranberry include pumpkin and cranberry crostini, cranberry chipotle barbecue pork sliders and spinach salad.

Drink Recipes

Cranberry cocktails including the cosmo and vodka cranberry are easy to whip up and cheap to make. Cranberry juice and fresh cranberries are not just limited to vodka. There are a lot of cocktails that can be made with cranberry with any type of liquor one can think of.

Limoncello Cran Fizz

This champagne cocktail is not only beautiful and festive, but the limoncello and champagne combo give it just the right amount of lemony fizz. This drink is aromatic, delicious and easy to make. Perfect for a brunch or evening celebration.


  • In a small pitcher, combine 1 cup of champagne or sparkling wine and a quarter of limoncello.
  • Set the limoncello and champagne mixture aside.
  • Put crushed ice and cranberry juice on champagne flutes.
  • Pour limoncello and champagne mixture into the champagne flutes with ice and garnish with fresh cranberries and lemon peel.

Limoncello Cran Fizz

Limoncello Cran Fizz recipe is a sweet and sour cocktail, perfect for any celebration.

Recipe Type Drinks
Course American
Servings 1
Author Ventura Limoncello


  • 1 shot Limoncello
  • 1/2 shot cranberry juice
  • Club soda or sparkling wine
  • fresh cranberries and lemon peel for garnish


  1. Fill glass with ice.

  2. Add limoncello and cranberry juice.

  3. Fill glass with club soda or champagne. 

  4. Decorate with lemon peel and fresh cranberries.

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