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“La Dolce Vita” – Calfornia Style


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Ventura Limoncello Company
2646 Palma Dr. Ste 160
Ventura, CA 93003

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Manuela and I sincerely thank our family & many friends (old & new) who have encouraged, supported and inspired us to bring Ventura Limoncello to you:

Mamma & Papi Zaretti, Zia Bibi, Nonna Amelia, Mom Smith, Dad Carling, Jennifer & Pat, Uncle Glenn, Bill & Michelle Cuttler, Pam & Alvaro Del Rosso, Donna & Cory Gabel, Linda & Sebastian Harrison, Jennie & Scott Hendrickson, The Schroeder Family (Inge, Eric & Mark), Mary Beth & Tom Sheaffer, David Stone, Lea Fainer & the Compli Team, Bob & Jessie Lieberman, Tom Roebuck, Chris Sayer & The Petty Ranch, and Emily Valko.

We also wish to thank our business partners who make Ventura Limoncello possible:

Atticus Marketing Services:
C&E Closures:
Compli Compliance Consulting:
Emily Valko Writing Services:
Glass Packaging Solutions:
IRS Solutions:
Kip Morrison & Associates:
Limoneira Company:
Paulson Supply:
Race Label:
Ventura Chamber of Commerce:
Xpress Fill Bottling Machines:
Cactus Containers:
Tapp Technologies:
WSI Marketing:
Young’s Market Company:
Old Gold Farms:
  Tenica Immobiliare, Orvieto, Italy
39 0763 340394
voltabotte Il Voltabotte, Bed and Breakfast
Orvieto, Italy
34 9702 7199

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