Ventura Limoncello celebrates the rich tradition of Italy while embracing the adventurous style of California. Like all things Italian, Ventura Limoncello radiates passion and pleasure.

Our tantalizing, all-natural limoncello infusions bring together our generation-honed recipe with locally grown fruit.

Impress your friends by pouring our ice-cold limoncello into chilled glasses for a perfect after meal cordial. Watch conversations come alive as your guests sip this smile-inducing libation. Or take this old-world beverage to new-world heights by indulging in our limoncello recipes for dazzling desserts and cocktails.

Please visit the retail locations that carry our liqueurs to pick up a bottle. You can find them on our Where to Purchase page. Or enjoy one of our restaurant partners who proudly serve our liqueurs in signature cocktails and desserts. Some even use our liqueurs as their “secret ingredient” in their dishes…

The remium citrus liqueurs embrace today’s West Coast lifestyle, while paying grateful homage to our Italian legacy. Ventura Limoncello offers a pleasant way to unwind after a long day and a delicious meal. It embodies La Dolce Vita, “California Style”.


List of Limoncello Drinks – The Perfect Cocktails

List of Limoncello Drinks- The Perfect Cocktails Limoncello is always worth a try, whether as is or as an addition to these recipes. Here is a list of limoncello drinks- perfect cocktails for any occasion. You will marvel at discovering the versatility of this liquor...

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Easy to Make Limoncello Cake Recipe

Limoncello is not just excellent for beverages but it can also be used as an ingredient for cakes and pastries. One of the equally popular creations where limoncello is used is with the sweet Limoncello cake. This perfectly delectable pastry is perfect for tea...

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How to Make Limoncello – Easy Homemade Recipe

How to Make Limoncello – Easy Homemade Recipe Good limoncello cannot be bought. It is done. It is the Mediterranean liqueur par excellence. Who does not like a nice glass of iced limoncello after a nice pizza or fried fish? Fresh, thirst-quenching, alcoholic,...

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Limoncello Recipe with Everclear

Limoncello Recipe with Everclear is another way of creating our beloved recipe. Grappa or Vodka is usually the ingredient added to create the liqueur. Now, we will be using Everclear which is also known as grain alcohol. What is Everclear? Everclear is 95% alcohol by...

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Artisanal Spirits

Ventura Limoncello encourages you to support these Artisanal Spirits producers:   2Nite Vodka Alquimia Tequila Bluecoat Gin Bootlegger Vodka Casa Torelli Prosecco Dolce Touch Vodka Firestarter Vodka Hangar One Vodka Krol Vodka Krome Vodka Meloza Tequila Prairie...

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Ventura Limoncello Crema Cocktails

Strawberry Shortcake Martini: Created by Evan Rorabaugh . Limoncello Tiramisu Martini: Created by Evan Rorabaugh . Limoncello Truffle Martini (white or dark): Created by Evan Rorabaugh . Aaron’s Crema Lemon Drop: Courtesy of The Crowne Plaza, Ventura . Lemon Meringue...

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