Ventura Limoncello celebrates the rich tradition of Italy while embracing the adventurous style of California. Like all things Italian, Ventura Limoncello radiates passion and pleasure.

Our tantalizing, all-natural limoncello infusions bring together our generation-honed recipe with locally grown fruit.

Impress your friends by pouring our ice-cold limoncello into chilled glasses for a perfect after meal cordial. Watch conversations come alive as your guests sip this smile-inducing libation. Or take this old-world beverage to new-world heights by indulging in our limoncello recipes for dazzling desserts and cocktails.

Please visit the retail locations that carry our liqueurs to pick up a bottle. You can find them on our Where to Purchase page. Or enjoy one of our restaurant partners who proudly serve our liqueurs in signature cocktails and desserts. Some even use our liqueurs as their “secret ingredient” in their dishes…

The remium citrus liqueurs embrace today’s West Coast lifestyle, while paying grateful homage to our Italian legacy. Ventura Limoncello offers a pleasant way to unwind after a long day and a delicious meal. It embodies La Dolce Vita, “California Style”.


Limoncello Bread Pudding Recipe

Limoncello bread pudding recipe is a perfect light summer dessert. Refreshing and Lightly lemony. The dessert is easy to make, too. It has all the rich surface and warm flavors that make bread pudding such an encouraging pastry. This pastry is made with the most...

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Sous Vide Limoncello Recipe

What comes to mind when we think of limoncello? It’s the tasty, yellow Italian liqueur made from lemons. When we think of limoncello, we also think of labor-intensive, time-consuming and meticulous. And that is true indeed. However, for us who do not like...

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Limoncello Margarita Recipe Cocktail

Limoncello Margarita Recipe Limoncello Margarita recipe has an Italian lemon twist compared to the limes of a traditional margarita. It’s a nice change of pace if you’re looking for something a little different. Consequently, with Limoncello Margarita, it must be...

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Limoncello Cupcake Recipe

Limoncello cupcake recipe is a small treat with a soft lemon flavored base. It also has a soft lemon butter and limoncello cream topping as well. This is an ideal dessert for a sweet break during the day or for dessert at the end of a meal, too. Additionally, these...

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Limoncello Lemon Drop Martini

Limoncello Lemon Drop Martini is ideal to enjoy with friends over barbecue on summer days. Lemon drop maybe easy, but yet it requires just the perfect balance of sweet and tart. This lemon drop martini with limoncello has the perfect balance for the perfect lemon drop...

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Limoncello Cheesecake – No-Bake Recipe

Limoncello Cheesecake – No-Bake Recipe may be a bright and sweet-scented treat that is tempting. This cake is one of the freshest desserts to prepare in summer because of the biscuit base’s plentiful lemon flavored cream cheese filling.  This glorious...

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