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Ventura Limoncello Has Closed

It is with a heavy heart that we announce Ventura Limoncello has officially ceased operations. We appreciate everyone that has ever tried our artisan citrus liqueurs. We especially thank those that gave us their feedback, recipes and became part of our Limoncello Famigla. Stores listed on this site may still be in stock. Please get some before it is all gone. Below is the text from the official release: VENTURA LIMONCELLO ANNOUNCES...

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Ventura Old Fashioned Cocktail

Enjoy our twist on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail with Ventura Orangecello Blood Orange liqueur. In a rocks glass add: 1 oz Ventura Orangecello Blood Orange liqueur 1 Maraschino Cherry 1 Orange Slice Muddle these together Add Ice 2 oz Breaker Bourbon (Ascendant Spirits), or your favorite bourbon Splash with soda...

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101 Limoncello Margarita/ 805 Orangecello Margarita

Enjoy the 101 Limoncello Margarita or the 805 Orangecello Margarita with Ventura Limoncello Liqueurs, Alquimia Tequila and a fresh margarita mix. Our 805 Margarita was awarded “Best on the Rocks Margartia” at the 2014 Conejo Valley Margarita Mix Off! The 101 Margarita In a shaker with ice mix: 1 part Ventura Limoncello Originale 1 part Alqumia Blanco Tequila 2 parts fresh margarita mix: Lime Juice, Orange Juice, Agave...

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California Sunset Cocktail

Enjoy the beauty of a California Sunset anytime. Our signature Limoncello cocktail is colorful, light and refreshing, just like the wonderful coastal sunsets seen here year round. Make one, two, or pre-batch, to enjoy at a dinner party. Mix together: 1 part Ventura Limoncello Originale 1 part Cranberry Juice Cocktail 1/4 part Sweet & Sour Pour into a glass with ice about 2/3 full, top with club soda. Garnish with mint or a...

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