It is with a heavy heart that we announce Ventura Limoncello has officially ceased operations. We appreciate everyone that has ever tried our artisan citrus liqueurs. We especially thank those that gave us their feedback, recipes and became part of our Limoncello Famigla.

Stores listed on this site may still be in stock. Please get some before it is all gone.

Below is the text from the official release:


It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of the Ventura Limoncello Company effective September 30, 2016. After putting our life and soul into producing the best citrus liqueurs we could make for the last nine years, we are forced to close due to lack of raising additional capital or identifying a partner.

At our height in 2014, we reached distribution in 17 states and over 2,000 cases sold. However, in 2015, we noticed slipping sales amid price competiveness from top imported brands, additional competition (national and international) and increased pricing at the retail level (although we had not raised our distributor pricing).

We planned to open a tasting room with direct sales in early 2016 due to the creation of the California Craft Distiller’s License, which we were directly involved in the legislation’s passing, but a late language change exempted our company’s ability to take advantage of this new law. This combined with additional slowing sales and losing distribution in a few key markets caused us to evaluate the viability of continuing our brand.

The Ventura Limoncello Company produced two styles of Limoncello: Originale (original) and Crema (creamy) and one style of Orangecello: Blood Orange. Production of Limoncello Originale began in December, 2007, Limoncello Crema was released in October, 2008. Ventura Orangecello Blood Orange was released in April, 2011. Ventura Limoncello Originale was America’s Highest Rated Limoncello, winning multiple gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (2008, 2011), Spirits of the Americas (2013), as well as platinum medal at the LA SIP Awards (2009).  Ventura Orangecello Blood Orange was the double gold medal, best fruit liqueur at the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Ventura Limoncello Crema won gold medal at the LA SIP Awards in 2010


11 Responses to “Ventura Limoncello Has Closed”

  1. Frank Delgado says:


    I was truly saddened to here the news of your company’s cease of production today. I have always believed in you and your product.

    Hope Manuela and James are well. Best wishes in finding a path forward and all of your future endeavors.


    Frank Delgado

  2. Robert Garven says:

    I’m very saddened to hear of this. I have been buying it by the case for years I’m hoping there are some chance it will be resurrected!!!

    Molto malle

  3. Bruce Boyer says:

    Hard news. James, I know you put your all into it. I miss you; your emails and drinkin a little of it…
    Thank you for all your hard work. The liquor industry regs are all about shutting out competition; we live in a land of cronyism, not in a free country.
    I know you will be on your feet at something; I appreciated you and I am your friend always.
    Bruce Boyer

  4. Therese Yasukochi-Gerlach says:

    I am SO BUMMED and so sorry about the language change in the legislation you worked so hard for. You made a product that made me proud to be a Venturan who was lucky enough to grow up on a lemon orchard. I am truly sorry. Your products rocked the house up one side and downs the other! What am I going to give my mother-in-law for Christmas now? It was a family favorite. Again, I am so sorry. If I am heartbroken over this news, I cannot imagine how painful this must be for you. Thanks for the good years of an outstanding product!

    Sincerely, Therese Yasukochi-Gerlach

  5. Ona Shiroyama says:

    Like so many of your patrons, I was saddened to hear about the closing of your company. I have purchased your products since your inception. You have made by far the best citrus liqueur products sold.

    I too was very proud to know that your premium products were made from local Ventura County produce.

    I hope, at a better time with different circumstances that you will be able to resurrect your company.

    Ona Shiroyama

  6. Chris Vadman says:

    Just saw this today after bragging to co-workers about how wonderful your limoncello is. I am so sorry that your beautiful venture has ceased. James and Manuela I wish you both well and am sending warm and wonderful thoughts your way in hopes they will help you move forward to your next adventure.

    In these days of uncertainty please be kind to yourselves and with absolute conviction know that I and many others loved what you made and who you are.

    All the best.
    -Chris Vadman.

  7. Denise Williams says:

    This such sad news. You made a superior product and we loved it! Will stop driving around town looking for a bottle. Wishing you all the best in the future
    All our best
    Denise Williams

  8. Lorenzo Rota says:


  9. Kristin says:

    I’m so sad about this! I was living in LA when I finally found a limoncello that rivaled the the ones I remembered from my days of working in a hostel in Italy. I was beyond excited. After living abroad for a year, I got on your website to see where I could buy some in Chicago, looking forward to sharing your delicious product with my family when we reunited.

    I’m so sorry about the loss of your business and am saddened by the loss of a quality product.

  10. Harry and Donna McDaniel says:

    So sorry to hear you closed i make my own and when i run out i buy yours. Yours is and always will be the best i ever bought. I wish i knew how you trim the lemons or zested them, if you ever give lessons on zesting i would love to attend. Going to miss you

  11. Sandra Chance says:

    …. I couldn’t believe his words, “the business closed…” WHAT??? I don’t care who else makes lemoncello, your was the best and we ALWAYS proudly presented it as a host/hostess gift. AND it was created in our beloved Ventura County with OUR lemons. I share the wishes with the other commentators and hope for a time when you will, again, be able to offer your gifts. I understand that there were many reasons for you to withdraw from this beautiful journey; however, I simply CANNOT fathom that “thinking” people would allow this to happen… under ANY circumstances. I am so sorry for your loss ~ and ours. All the best to you, James and Manuela.

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