Limoncello Review

Check our our latest review at, Ventura Limoncello Originale 4/5 stars, Ventura Orangecello Blood Orange 4.5/5 stars. Let us know what you think!

Ventura Limoncello Originale Review
Ventura Orangecello Blood Orange Review

3 Responses to “ Ventura Limoncello Review”

  1. is the orange cello available in the San Fernado Valley

  2. I am a travel agent who gave each of my Italy clients a bottle of your Limoncello, and challenged them to find something better in Italy. No one did. I am so bummed that you have stopped production, which I found out about as I was ready to purchase more bottles for clients! Please tell me that you are working on a way to return to production.

  3. I just wanted to say: you simple produced the best limoncello ever!

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