What a crazy past few months trying to launch a new product. Initially, we thought we would only be producing a “handful” of cases of our new Ventura Orangecello Blood Orange. This was due to the limited supply of blood oranges from our original source: The Petty Ranch. While lemons are their main crop, they due have a few acres of young blood orange trees. Not quite up to full growth yet, but enough for us to know we could launch the product. The product we desperately wanted to release following the results of the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition: Double Gold Medal, Best in Class.

We came across an article in the LA Times about another blood orange grower in Ventura County: Old Gold Farms. Howard and Amy Gold planted 6 acres of blood oranges in Somis, CA quite a few years ago, 1994 to be exact. We spent a few weeks tracking them down, only to find out they were looking for us too. They had read about our intentions of launching a blood orange liqueur. We performed a “test batch”, which we do with all our potentail fruit sources. It was a success and we had access to all the blood oranges we could use (and eat).

We re-worked our production plan for the balance of the spring season. We ramped down Limoncello production, and converted to 100% Orangecello production. We quickly discovered blood oranges are harder to peel than lemons. In addition to producing the Orangecello, we had to scramble to increase the label quantities, order/make hang tags, update cocktail cards, etc. All of our vendors helped us meet our needs and timelines.

The first shipment was picked up by our distributor, Young’s Market Company on Tuesday. Any store that carries Ventura Limoncello should now be able to order Ventura Orangecello. We believe we’re in good shape for the balance of the year. Remember, blood oranges are seasonal in Ventura County. When it is sold out, it will be until next year. You can find availability here.

We are bottling the last of the Orangecello production tomorrow. Just in time too, we leave for Italy next week…

5 Responses to “Ventura Orangecello Released”

  1. Chuck Burns says:

    I absolutely love you Limoncello; it is the best of any we have tried. We ordered four bottles of your blood orange; what do you recomend we do with it?
    One thing I can think of is adding a bit to our favorite summer beer; Odell’s Easy Street Wheat (they are out of Ft Collins CO). Easy Street is great with a couple of orange wedges squeezed into it so I’m going to try about 1/2 oz of blood orange and see how it is.

  2. James Carling says:

    Hi Chuck, Thank you for your comments and we’re sure you will enjoy the Ventura Orangecello just as much as Ventura Limoncello! We have not had much time to “mix it” yet, but we have a few ideas on our recipe page:
    For sure, it makes a great margarita.
    Let us know if you come up with a good cocktail

  3. I am so impressed with your company. I can’t believe there is only 2-3 people that peel. What tool/method do you use? Hopefully you will invent a tool to make life easier for everyone. My hands hurt everytime I make a small batch. I make my own satsumacello as I have a tree in my yard. I am really excited to try your blood orange but the stores will not ship to Louisiana. Keep up the good work & fingers crossed you will expand into my state one day.

  4. Julie Serna says:

    Love the Orangecello. My sister Terry sent me a bottle from Calif to Florida. It is better than the lemoncello that she sent me last year. Thanks for producing it and hope to pick up another bottle when I am in town.

  5. James Carling says:

    Ciao Julie, Thank you very much for letting us know that you enjoyed Ventura Orangecello. Please let us know if you’ll be in the Ventura area the next time you visit CA.

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